Molenweg 9 Zeist


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9 Molenweg
3706 SB Zeist

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public charging point but with only one plug (facing to the houses). Parking exclusively for electric cars. Dead end street.
elaad, thenewmotion, essent, eneco, nuon, travelcard, alfen, mrgreen, chargepnt, evbox, ecogo, greenflux, bluecorner, anwb.
Type opladen : Type 2 AC 11kW.

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Nivå 4

torsdag 6 april 2017 kl. 13:50

The people living adjacent to the chargepoint don't seem to have an electric car. I charged there quite often prior to having my own chargepoint (500 meters away, also listed as Rob's chargepoint). Sometimes it's ICEd, but I was always able to charge.


Nivå 61

fredag 30 september 2016 kl. 08:57

This is an unusual charging point: a hybrid between a public and a private charging point. It is public because is located at a public road, not on private property, there is an official traffic sign 'only for charging electric cars', and it is published on the website of the municipality Zeist. However, it looks private because there is only one plug, which faces the house, not the street. Usually there are two plugs: one for the inhabitant and one for the public. Not here.

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