Om Chargemap

Our mission

"Increase the adoption of electric vehicles by offering the best charging experience possible"

Chargemap history

In 2009, Yoann looked into buying an electric car. He searched for charging stations outside of his home, but couldn't find any.

He then thought of Chargemap: a tool that brings electric car drivers together in order to share information about charging points, which would help them charge their car everywhere.

In 2011, with a few enthusiasts, Yoann began to look for charging terminals and started to document them. The small team took photos of these terminals and tested the working processes.

Gradually, electric car drivers took over, thanks to the mobile app. For our part, we now check the information sent by the community before it's published. This great partnership is the heart of Chargemap's success.

There was only one challenge left to prevent people from charging their electric cars with a complete peace of mind: having an access and payment RFID card that could be used at every charging station. A real nightmare. That's what inspired us, in 2017, to launch the Chargemap Pass: our multi network access RFID card.

Our goal is to offer to electric car drivers the best charging experience in order to promote the development of these vehicles, which are less damaging to air quality. It's our reason to wake up every morning, and we're proud of it!

Our values



We love what we do. And this changes everything.



Together, we are stronger.



You can count on us.