Aeroporto Roma T3 Departure Level (Private)


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Via Leonardo da Vinci
00054 Fiumicino

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Vor dem Terminal 3, Abflugebene

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lördag 9 januari 2021 kl. 11:24

09/01/2021: I called the 800 number on the charger sticker that connects to the charger device supplier and the operator said they only supplied the charger to ADR and couldn’t confirm it was free for public access.


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lördag 9 januari 2021 kl. 11:15

09/01/2021: The charger is in the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) lane and the signs on the road say “Auto Elettriche ADR” ADR meaning Aeroporti di Roma (the airport management company) so (a) it’s unclear whether or not an electric car is admitted in this lane (usually in Roma electric cars are free to enter ZTL zones but nobody could confirm it in this case), (b) if a private car can use the charger (apparently not since it says “ADR” and finally (c) if you have to pay parking with the nearby meters to extend your free 15’ park allowance.
Ideally someone should write a pec email to ADR to get an answer. It’s absurd that in 2021 we can’t have dedicated chargers for EVs in Rome Fiumicino, probably the taxi lobby is on this!


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måndag 12 augusti 2019 kl. 09:00

Not 7 kW. 22 KW! The staff said it is only for Airport employees. But it was no problem for charging. Long cabel is Neides.

Du är planen sida med ett laddningsområde för elbilar i staden Fiumicino.

Om du äger en elbil i Italien, lita på att Chargemap hittar närmaste Aeroporto Roma T3 Departure Level (Private) laddningsstation för ditt elfordon.